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Portrait Pricing

Pricing Plans

Our Goal here at O'Frederick Photography is to bring smiles to our customer's faces. We strive to catch just the right picture for you. Everyone's story is different so we don't hold to specific pricing when you need something other than what we have as a package. Some like just the bare minimum and some prefer extras so when choosing your photographer for your special event, think of us. Tell us what you want and we will discuss together a perfect plan. 


for sitting fee


This includes an 8x10


Family Plan 

3 or more

This includes 1 8x10, 2 5x7 and 2 4x6 of the same pose


Small Wedding


this will include your specific poses with an 8x10 of Bride and Groom and Wedding party. (Plus) Other details can be added for your specific needs. Must be worked out before the wedding